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Foursquare Missions International

Foursquare Missions International

As a Foursquare Church, we are passionately committed to the ongoing support of Foursquare Missions International. Over the years of our history, we have sent out many workers into the ministry, at home and abroad. To illustrate the vital role of both global missions efforts such as FMI and local church sponsored trips such as the ones we take to Central America, Pastor Mike has created a chart that has been used by FMI in its strategic planning.

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El Shaddai Bible Institute, Honduras

El Shaddai World Base

The Lord has given us a special relationship with a Foursquare Bible Institute in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras. The mission of  "El Shaddai World Base" is to raise up indigenous people from Honduras and Central America, train them in the biblical principles of leadership, and send them out to plant churches.

In the past several years, we have taken teams down to minister in local churches, teach in the institute, and invest in the local children's ministries with curriculum and equipment.

In the Summer of 2003, we built a chapel that seats 400 people, which is used by groups from all over the country.  In the Fall of 2004, the church donated a 15-passenger van to be used by the institute, which had no other way to transport the students. In 2008 we helped to build a new dormitory for the students at the institute. In January of 2009 we helped to paint and rework some of the electrical, and outfitted the kitchen at the base and the local church with a new refridgerator, stove, and other supplies to continue the "Feed the Kids" program in Cucuyagua.

Through this ministry of mulitplication, we have seen hundreds of churches planted and hundreds of thousands of people come to know the Lord. (Matthew 9:37-38)

Feed the Kids Program

Feed the Kids Program

In the town of Cucuyagua, Honduras, our church supplies the resources to feed around 100 kids three times a week. Partnering with some faithful women from the local church, the "Commisary" as they call it brings kids in from all over the town for lunch, a time of songs, and a Bible lesson.  For many of these kids, it is the only nutritious meal they get. We also take as many clothes and toys as we can carry to give away while we are there. Many of these kids are from single parent homes, or have been abused or abandoned. When kids who grow up there end up following Jesus because of the generosity they experienced as a child. (James 1:27)

For only a few dollars a month, our church is able to provide the funds for this ministry and help spread the love of Jesus in that community. If you would like to give towards this project, visit the giving page and dedicate your offering to "Feed the Kids."